Reddit's 50/50 CHALLENGE (2024)


WARNING: This challenge can be HORRIFYING! Reddit's 50/50 challenge gives you a fifty-fifty chance of seeing something nice or something TERRIBLE. Gird your loins!
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I come with a message from the future.

I have seen terrible things Things that no one should see I come to warn you This video.

While it doesn't contain these things, shows me reacting to them.

You will not be subjected to the things that I have seen! Don't go looking.


My name is Markiplier and welcome to Reddit's 50/50 Challenge.

And if you don't know what R/50/50 is, it's a sub-reddit that has a 50/50 chance of giving you two outcomes.

You, either get something cool, funny, or sexy, maybe or something that's going to horrifically scar.

You for life! Like, the Don't Laugh challenge, I act as the filter.

The raw, uncontained, horribleness in this video is a bit constrained because it filters through me, the brave ones of you can go to the website which I will put in the description and try for yourselves, but I.

Warn you! It's gonna get BAAAAAAADDDD!! *Inhale* REAL, BAAAD!, Ok, anyway, Hell, yeah! I am a man and I have no feelings: *fake crying*, Pair of monkey....or pregnant woman, OOH! It's.

The hilarious paramedic monkeys! *laughs* OOHH They're cute! Oh they're cuuute! Oh, they forgot him.

Oh that's good! Okay! Oh that's cute! Oh that is good! I like that.

Oh that's good.

Okay, alright.


We made it through the first one! Yeah! Put a score up on the "Markiplier Score Board" Put one up for the, "Hoorays!", "Team Hooray", And then team, *screams* OH GOD WHY?!?!? Tha-.

That's a team of in of itself and then, *high, pitched*, Ayyyy!, Mexican, drug cartel, beheading, , or a volcano.


I, don't know what- I, don't know what that means..

It's a volcano, rabbit! I, didn't know what it was, but it's so cute! AWWWWWW!, Aw, man, that's- that's cute!, I didn't even know what a volcano rabbit.


Okay, we're 2 for 2!.

Baby seal clubbing, or adult seal clubbing.


It's! Literally *laughs*.

It's literally seal in a club.


That's seal right.

There., I have a funny feeling that I may have organised this.

Poorly Hairy.


Anooz or an oddly shaped kiwi fruit.

That is an oddly shaped.



That is a very-.

I think we need to censor.



Fruit!! That's! No! Good! At all, we-we're doing great, but I sorted them by top rating and I-.

I may have failed to understand that maybe the good ones got rated up higher, so it might be biased, but imma- imma just try a few more before I..

before I, I get done here.

Adorable kitten likes his bowtie or man.

Trips on railroad, train runs over him.

Awww I've been doing- Awww It's, so good I dont wanna play the bad version.

I like this version! aah, I like it!, I dont wanna, I-.

I've seen all these cute things I dont want the bad ones world's first flying ostrich is dead or UK couple on fire on gas-tanker..

ooh! well.

I guess What?, I mean, I-I guess...? Did.

They taxidermy an ostrich into a- into a drone? Oh, I like this.

So much better, I, don't want the bad ones! Hot overwatch, Mercy, cosplay, or penis caught in bike chain.

Oh! It's lovely!, OH, THAT's, A, GREAT, COSPLAY!, You're, doin', good., Tina, Kinz!, A, baby playing with his father or a baby with harlequin icthyosis? I, don't know what that is..


Oh,! No, that poor baby! AUGHOH NO.

Oh god.


Eye, bleach, please!, Eye, bleach!! Awe, look at the kitty, Awe, a good kitty! Oh.

Look at it! Oh,! That's a nice kitty right, there.

HEUUUGH, Awe, look at you Yeah, you can walk! You can do it.

Oh do it!, Oh! He's, so cute.

Awo, how about puppos?, AWEEE, LOOK, AT, THE, PUPPOS! Adorable, album of an unlikely friendship between an own and a dog Or.

Surprisingly, disgusting throat, cam of people, kissing..


I, am surprisingly disgusted by that.

Eugh! Brush, your teeth! Oh.

Stop it it's gross.

UGH! That's like a clam.


It's like a big oyster., Trying-- You know: that-- The- The- The, video of the oyster trying to lick the salt on the table? That's.

What this looks, like..

There's, no salt in there! You can't have any! Stay out! STAY OUT OF MY, ROOM, MOM., Butthole, vs, wax..

or butthole vs laser..

Neither of these seem like a good try! Oh no.



I have to sit through this sh*t?! Fisura Anal? Cirugia con la-- OH GOD IT's A BUTTHOLE aH! aHST OHHHHH, CRINGE, LEVEL:, MAX, UH, huh, eh., DOAUUUGH, stOP!, STOP!, OH, WHY! How.

Much of this do I have to watch? I'm, not even at the laser part.

It's just butthole.

It's, just a lot of butthole.

I gotta do play-by-play commentary on this bullsh*t because it's a butthole.

Let me just say, ah, they're prepping, the butthole for the laser right.


It's, like a medical document--.

Oh, now comes the pain, killer! Oh they didn'--.

They did all of this pre-pain killer., oh NOW, oh NOW, you're gonna, give him pain killer? in his butthole.

*screaming* *Screaming continues* THE LASER OH MY, GOD NO!.

How is that..oh god? No *disgusted, groaning* NOOO okay, im out im out im out enough enough enough.

Woahhh Woah woah woah woah eye bleach, please! ehhhh.

Why did I do this one?? I haven't even gotten to the really bad stuff.., I'm a gentle soullll man.

I didn't think this was going to be bothering me.

back in the day I used to go on 4chan all the time kay, I feel ill.

I just wann-.

I just watched a butthole, be lazered.

and then other stuff happened to that butthole I dont wanna-.

I dont wanna paint a pretty picture that it was just a story of a lovely lazer and I lovely butthole on a lovely day and a lovely walk through the park.


It was bad.

It was a lot of bad.

Don't look that up.? It was bad.

okay,! Well wow.

We were uh what?, four, fi-.

How ever many that number to this number, were *gibberish* To *gibberish* soo, weave got "man slowly dying on the street, while another man beats and impales him with a pole." or "Funniest arrest.

Ever:" OH, ITS, THE, ARREST, OH, IT's, OKAY!, *silent, laughing*, okay.

nuh- that was-.

That was pleasant.

That was pleasant, that was pleasant.

okay, "man get into horrific motorcycle accident" or "man flips onto car on highway".

Those could both end terribly.

I dont know ehhhhhhh, ah ooooh WHATTT WHAAAATTT holy sh*t.

That was awesome!, I mean horrifying.

I mean terrifing but holy sh*t! that guy legitimately got into a horrible motorcycle accident and then flipped onto a caaaarr "little foot, ingury" or "10 pit bull puppies", *screaming* oooohh, my gooooddd *screaming* that one was like, morbid but-.

I don't know why I kept looking at it!.

Why did I keep looking at it? *mark, screams* "girl, eaten alive by toy" or "girl, eaten alive by lions", oooohh I know you should feel bad!!.

You should feel bad.

"Man removes large tonsil, stones", ew, or "puppy removes large bone".

It's tonsil stones ahhh.

Oh, my I'm NOT OKAY WITH THIS! *screams* im, not okay, with this! ehhh, gonna, puke.., good god.., eeeewwww, eeeuuuwwww, *scream*, eeeewwwaah, IS, THAT IN MY MOUTH? is that in MY mouth?, *screaming*, okay, alright eugh- im out im out NO I DON't WANT A, "BEFORE, AND, AFTER", f*ck, YOU!!! "colorblind child, seeing colors for the first time" or "playing with tendons" *scream* *scream* *scream* oooh is that person aliiiivvvveee? IT WAS LIKE A MEDICAL EXAMINATION, TABLE, AND, THERE, PULLING, OUT, HIS, TENDONS, AND, HIS, ARM, OFF, oooohhh, mmmyyy, goooddd, "hips, don't lie" or "finger tip sliced off" cause ya know.

These are two *breath* related items.., oh GOOD, its the hips NOT LYING thing.

Those hips, are truth: tellers! you out them in a court up on the jury, stand- judge, jury, Judy, judge, Judy's, *breath*, cross examination stand also know as a witness staaand.

They are not gonna.


"hyena loves, belly, rubs" or "lion bites off the penis of a buffalo" *Screaming* NOOO OH GOD NOO LION DONT, DO, THAT, AHHHH *scream*.

I mean I get nature and all that and "kill or be killed" and the jungle uuhggggg uhhhh.

I think im done ooohhh.

I think im done.

Ah, I need the eye bleach.

Thank you, that's good eye bleach.

Can I get this full-screen please? full-screen that bitch okaaaayyy, okayyyy.? Well, that went well ehhh..

I skipped over some of the potentially worse ones, just because I didn't even want to mention them to you.

Guys...This is a challenge that is.

really freaking hard to get through.


I will leave it at that! Thank, you everybody so much for watching.

This was both..a fun adventure and a horrifying adventure., but this-.

If there ever is an actual challenge to be deemed a real challenge.

*Breaths* its this one.

and eh- heed my advice.

Don't go looking for these, cause its not good.., So anyway!! Thank you, everybody! So much for watching!.

Let me know what you thought down in the comments below, and once again remind each other!.

This eye bleach is available, but do not go hunting for that which you do not want to seeee.

It will only bring you sadness!.

So thanks again for watching, and as always, I will see YOU in the next video! bye, bye!, *outro, music*.

Reddit's 50/50 CHALLENGE (2024)


How does r 5050 work? ›

The premise of Reddit 50/50 (or Reddit FiftyFifty, Reddit 50 50, or 50/50 Reddit) is incredibly simple. Users submit a link to an image or video that will either give you the feels and/or reaffirm your faith in humanity, or it will gross you out/scar you for life/make you not want to live on this planet anymore.

Can you still win the 50 50 after losing it? ›

Yes,if you loose the 50/50 your next 5 star is guaranteed.

What happens if you lose the 50 50? ›

With the 50/50 system in place, if you don't pull Itto the first time you successfully Wish for a 5-Star character or weapon, you are guaranteed to get him the second time you pull a 5-Star item. There's a 50% chance you'll get the featured 5-Star character every time you pull a 5-Star item.

What does 50 50 mean? ›

1. : shared equally. 2. : half favorable and half unfavorable. a fifty-fifty chance.

What is a 5050? ›

A 50/50 raffle works just like any other raffle where participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a prize if their name is drawn. The difference is with a 50/50 raffle, you can skip the prize procurement process. Instead, the prize is half of the gross proceeds (aka the amount raised through ticket sales).

What is the 50 50 game? ›

Definition of 50/50

In the world of daily fantasy sports, a "50/50" refers to a tournament where the top 50% of the field gets paid, while the bottom 50% of the field gets paid nothing. A 50/50 is considered a "cash game". Let's say that you enter into a 50/50 tournament with your favourite line-up of the week.

What is Reddit 50 50 description? ›

Reddit's 50/50 challenge gives you a fifty-fifty chance of seeing something nice or something TERRIBLE. Gird your loins. WARNING: This challenge can be HORRIFYING. Reddit's 50/50 challenge gives you a fifty-fifty chance of seeing something nice or something TERRIBLE.

Is 50 50 chance real? ›

Isn't everything technically a 50/50 chance? No. This often comes from the mistaken idea that if there are two possible outcomes for an event, that each of these outcomes is equally likely. The failure is that in most cases the outcomes are not equally likely.

How to get 50 karma on reddit? ›

Karma represents how impactful your contributions have been to the community. This is based on how many upvotes your posts and comments have received. Post interesting, thought-provoking, or funny posts and comments to quickly increase your karma. You can also gain karma by giving and receiving awards.

What do you win in a 50 50? ›

A 50/50 raffle works just like any other raffle where participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a prize if their name is drawn. The difference is with a 50/50 raffle, you can skip the prize procurement process. Instead, the prize is half of the gross proceeds (aka the amount raised through ticket sales).

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