Proposal Ideas With Kids (2024)

Proposal Ideas With Kids (1)

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits, Photo: Jamie Lee Noguchi

Children are so precious, right? So it makes sense that you may want to include them into your marriage proposal. Here are some reasons you may wish to create proposal ideas with kids:

Why Incorporate Kids Into Your Proposal?

Your Partner Has Children

If your partner has children, including them in your proposal is a very sweet gesture. It will make your partner feel that you are accepting of them and their child or children. It will make the child feel important and special and show them that you understand that this proposal affects them too.

You Have Kids Together

If you have children together, they are likely the center of your universe. So you may want to have them be a part of such a life changing event. It will help the child or children see that you value their role in the family and that you want them to be a part of this momentous occasion.

Now that you know the reasons why you may wish to create proposal ideas with kids, you are probably wondering what are some proposal ideas that can be done involving children. Below are some ideas that you can use to start your brainstorming.

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Proposal Ideas With Kids

Wear A Proposal Shirt

One very easy way to incorporate a child into your marriage proposal is by having them wear a proposal shirt. The shirt can say, “Daddy, Will You Marry Mommy?” Or if the child is not your biological child, it can say, “Mommy, Will You Marry (Insert Name)?”

Help Present the Ring

When it comes time to propose and present the ring, let them help. They could hold the side of the box or even help open the box. Just never let them hold the engagement ring, more on that below.

Use Them As An Excuse

Having a child gives you the perfect excuse to get your partner to go anywhere for the proposal. Wherever the proposal is going to be, you can say you are going there for the child. For example, it could be to drop off something for the child or take them somewhere.

Scavenger Hunt

Propose by creating a fun scavenger hunt around the city to visit locations that are memorable to you and your partner. Have your child be a part of this either by giving clues to your partner or physically being at one of the locations along the way.


Another creative way to propose by using kids is having them draw something for the engagement. They could draw you down on one knee proposing or even a great big engagement ring. They could also draw or write out, “Will You Marry Me?”

Utilize Their Skills

Expanding on the idea above, you can utilize any skills that the child has and incorporate them into the proposal. If your child is a singer, have them sing for the proposal. Do they love to dance? Maybe play a romantic song and have them dance right before you propose. The ideas are limitless here.

Propose To Child

Maybe you don’t want them to be in the proposal but you still want them involved. So a great way to do this is by actually proposing to the child first. That lets the child know that you understand that proposing to their mother automatically makes you three a family. It also helps them feel important and is a great bonding opportunity.

Propose At Kid Activity

If it is a good fit for you and your partner, you could propose at a kiddie function. For example, if you are taking the child to the fair, you could consider proposing there. It will be a built in excuse to go somewhere and you can plan a fun proposal while you are out and about.

Help Plan

You can have the child or children help you plan your proposal at an age appropriate level. If the child is a teenager, they can probably be pretty involved in the planning. They can do things like offer their opinion on venues and flowers. For a smaller child, you may let them help you pick out which photos you should frame for the proposal decor.

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Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits, Photo: Jamie Lee Noguchi

Proposal DONT’s With Kids

If you do want to create proposal ideas with kids, there are some things you are going to want to avoid.

Don’t Let Them Hold The Ring

No child should bear the responsibility of holding on to the engagement ring. Maybe it might be ok, but what if they lose it? They are going to feel so guilty and like they ruined your day. They should not be put in the position to be responsible for something that big.

Not Responsible For Anything Super Critical

To that point, children shouldn’t be given any responsibility for anything critical to the proposal. Not only is there a good chance that the task may be too big, you don’t want to put them in a position to fail. The proposal is supposed to be a positive memory and you don’t want to look back and blame the child if something goes wrong. And you don’t want them to feel guilty for doing something wrong.

Set Them Up For Success

When incorporating children into the proposal, you need to make sure they are given tasks that would only set them up for success. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure this is a special moment for them too.


If you are looking for Proposal Ideas With Kids, we can help. Hiring Wedding Proposal Planners can help you plan the perfect proposal. Here is how hiring The Heart Bandits can help:

  1. We will work with you to create a custom and personalized proposal idea that can involve your child or children.
  2. We will make sure the child or children are given roles that can make both you and them shine.
  3. We will plan your entire proposal from A-Z and all you have to do is show up.
  4. We can be on-site the day of your event to guide your child or children for their role in the proposal.</li


If you are still looking for ideas on how to plan a proposal incorporating children, see our article here.


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Proposal Ideas With Kids (2024)
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