My Job Offer Was RESCINDED! My #1 Regret (2023)


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My Job Offer Was RESCINDED! My #1 Regret // In this video, you’ll hear how Madeline made one fatal mistake that got her job offer rescinded. Here's a story of how she was told she was getting a job and then got revoked. She’ll also share how the job slipped through her fingers, her biggest regret and a twist ending she didn’t even see coming.

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- I was told, I was getting a job and then that job offer was revoked.

I made one fatal, mistake.

And after coaching thousands of people in the job search as a career, strategist, I've seen that you may have made this mistake.


Here is the story of what happened to me, my biggest regret, and there is a twist ending that you won't see.


This is Self Made Millennial, I'm, Madeline, Mann.

I'm, a human resources leader and job search.


You may have seen me in these places, new videos on Thursdays.

This all begins where I was interviewing for a job that truly seemed perfect.

It was the right title.

It was a really easy, commute, 10 minutes away from where I lived, and seemed like a great company.

In my target, industry.

I got on to the first round interview and the recruiter.

His name is Michael.

He was talking to me and he said, wow.

You are absolutely the perfect candidate for this role, I'm, so excited to pass you along to the hiring team for a second round interview.


That was incredible to get that feedback right off the bat.

So then, I did the second round interview.


After that interview, Michael called me and said, I just spoke with the hiring manager, she loved you.

She thought you did an amazing job, and you're skating right along to the third round.


Now, I had never worked with such a responsive.


He was just constantly giving me updates, giving me feedback, telling me what to expect at each stage of the interview process, which I thought was fan-freaking-tastic.

Now, I do realize that this is unusual.

You might go days or even weeks between hearing from a recruiter.


If you do need help getting in touch with recruiters, I will link email templates that you can grab and download and use to follow up with recruiters to make sure you're getting responses, because I know they're, not always as responsive as we'd like.

By the time I get to the third round.

Interview, Michael says, it's down to two people, you and another candidate.

You have got this.

And, so I do the interview, and just like clockwork, Michael calls me and says, Madeline.

You did it.

I just spoke with the hiring team.

They went back and forth between you and the other candidates, but they said.

You are the right person, you are the person they want on the team, and there is now no one else.

In this interview.

Process, it's just you.

I was so elated!.

This was the best news.


I felt like I, completely aced.

This process.

I was like a seagull with a French fry, so excited! Like one of those football players who does their victory dance before they're, even in the end zone.

And, he said.

The role is yours, except for one thing.

(record skips) Yes?, The VP of the department wants to meet you.

She wants to see who they chose and make sure she meets you before.

You sign your offer.

I said, of course.


A few days later, I show up to the office to meet with this.

Vice president.- I can still remember the outfit I was wearing.

There was nothing necessarily wrong with the outfit, but it was a little bit.


It didn't have that air of boss, level, professional, power, outfit.

I, had all these great power outfits, and I left those at home.

I wore my more casual, whatever, stroll in the park.


I go into the session and I'm really viewing it as a coffee meeting with the department head, with someone who I'm going to work with in the future, as a little, get to know, you.

She starts asking me: questions.

These are hard-hitting questions.

She's, going over my past experience, she's asking.

Tell me about a time.

When, question.

She's, really getting me to think deeply about different situations, I'd be in this position and how I would solve them.


The way I answered the very first question.

She asked, tell me about yourself, I answered in more of a casual way, some professional, some personal, which is definitely what you should not do.

And I normally wouldn't do that, but I was just so jumbled up.

And, if you do, need help with that answer, because that could make or break you, I will link a worksheet to help you build out.


Tell me about yourself, answer.

That is super helpful., So anyways.

So all of these questions, I just wasn't bringing hard-hitting answers.

I was a bit easygoing about my replies.

Interview Madeline brings the heat.

She hits on all 15 competence.

Triggers, she does a, show, don't tell.

She really tells her stories in the interview.


If you're curious about any of those things, I just listed, make sure you attend my free, five-day Masterclass, where we dive into how to be irresistible in the hiring process.

On a very, very deep and strategic level, I'll link that below.

And note, that in the interview, carefree can appear, careless.

Unspecific can appear, inexperienced, and unenthusiastic can appear bored or aloof.

You really have to come into an interview in it to win.


I will link my full preparation routine in the comments below.

What I would have done had I actually approached this interview.


I then left the interview and a day goes: by.

No call from Michael.

Three days go by, no call, no offer, nothing.

A week goes by and I receive an email that says.

Thank you.

So much for interviewing with us.

We extended an offer to another candidate and they have accepted.

We wish you the best in your career.

This was absolutely devastating.

That feeling, like my future slipped through my fingers.

I emailed them back and asked them what I did wrong.

And? You can see here, the exact email I send to them.

Now, I sound, pretty normal and put together in this email, but I'm telling you right.

Now, I was a wreck.

I was an absolute disaster, zone.

They replied back and said, Madeline.

You did absolutely nothing.


It was just a very competitive role.

The VP was interested in speaking with both of you and ultimately it was such a close call, but we went with the other person.


Despite them.

Reassuring me that I had done absolutely nothing.

Wrong, I knew I screwed it up.

Sunday, brunch Madeline showed up to the interview instead of Monday boardroom, Madeline.

I know had I.

Viewed that interview, differently, I, would have blown the lid off of this interview.

There would have been no chance that they would have even thought to bring back another candidate, because I would have been such a sure.


My number one regret- was not viewing this interview as what it was, an interview.

It was not a coffee meeting, and know that you do not have the job.

Until you have signed the offer, letter.

And honestly, you don't even have the job until your butt is in that seat.

The first day of the job.

I have seen a lot of job seekers make these types of mistakes, especially when it's an internal interview.

You already work at the company and you're interviewing for another role.

And I see all the time that they think, oh.

Well, my coworkers know me, so they don't take the interview as seriously.

They lose.

The job.

I will link a video that will help you with internal interviews.

If that's what you're focused on.

Has, this situation ever happened to you, where you're, given the idea that you're going to get an offer and then didn't? Put in the comments, never happened to me, or, happened to me.

I'm very curious to hear if there's anyone else in this boat.


But here is the twist ending.

10 months.

Later, I get a call and guess who it is?, Our, good old, friend, Michael.

He's, calling me to say that in under a year, this person had been hired and left the company for a different opportunity.

In, his voice.

He sounded so disgruntled and he mumbled.

We should have hired you.

I told the hiring team.

We should have hired you, but they went with this other candidate, and they were the wrong fit.


He said.

Is there any possible way? You would be open to taking this role.

Now? It's yours.

Will you take it? Now, I was very happy.

I got an even better job than that one.

And, so I was extremely happy where I was., So I said, nope, but I will keep in mind.

Anyone in my network, who might be a good fit., But, here's the thing, here's the reason why they offered me the job after the fact, is because I was gracious.

Even though I was completely heartbroken, I, not only didn't give them any attitude back, but I sincerely thanked them for including me in the process.

And I, complimented them and said, I hope to work with you in the future.

I hope my story can either comfort you or help you in some sort of way, or just gawk at how terrible that situation was and how much I screwed it up.

Make sure you've liked this video.


If you haven't yet subscribed to this channel, you've got this.

WiFi, high five., (hands clap).


How do you respond to a rescinded job offer? ›

You should reach out to the organization's HR department or the hiring manager you were communicating with to determine why the job offer was rescinded. This information might be included in the communication method (email, phone call), but if it was not, you should professionally reach out for an explanation.

Can I fight a rescinded job offer? ›

Although rescinding a job offer is legal in most cases, a potential employee could consider legal action against a company if they can prove they've suffered economic or emotional harm as a result of the termination.

What if I regret turning down a job offer? ›

If the reason you initially turned down the role is no longer an issue for you, the best way would be to approach the hiring manager directly. It is always better to call them and speak with them directly; this will show confidence, and give you a better chance of explaining yourself.

Are rescinded job offers rare? ›

In today's competitive job market, employers are increasingly resorting to background checks, checking candidates' social media accounts, and other screening methods to verify information that candidates provide. If anything seems amiss, it's not uncommon for employers to rescind their job offers.

What happens if a job rescind an offer? ›

Rescinding an offer is the process of withdrawing an employment offer. Companies may rescind offers due to evolving internal resources or the failure of a candidate to demonstrate their competency for the role. In any case, rescinding a job offer may have legal implications or affect the employer's reputation.

Is it ethical to rescind a job offer? ›

Yes, but there could be legal consequences, so an attorney's advice should always be sought before rescinding the offer. Even if an employer has stated on all offers that employment is at will and can be terminated at any time, there is the concept of the employer making a "promise" of a job.

Can HR take back an offer? ›

Employers can rescind job offers for almost any reason unless that reason is discriminatory, e.g., based on disability, gender, race, etc. There can be legal consequences for employers for revoking an offer. In some cases, employees may be able to sue for damages if they can prove they've suffered losses as a result.

Can you lose job offer negotiating? ›

While we all aspire to earn higher pay, some companies cannot offer more. So if they cannot offer you what you want, avoid pushing for it, as this negotiation tactic might result in you losing the job offer. In such an instance, you can either accept or reject their offer.

Should I accept a job offer after failed negotiation? ›

Most salary negotiations are successful, but some fail. Don't lose hope if the company rejects your salary negotiation and you still have to take the job. Be gracious in your reply while mentioning that the compensation was below expectations. Suggest compensation in other areas or future renegotiation opportunities.

How do you decline a job offer because you got a better one? ›

Dear [Hiring Manager's Name], I want to express my sincere appreciation for offering me the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. While I am grateful for the opportunity, I have decided to respectfully decline the offer as I have received an offer that better aligns with my career goals and aspirations.

Why are so many job offers being rescinded? ›

Many times you'll find a job offer rescinded after the background check. Or the job offer is rescinded after a credit check. Basically, employers rescind job offers because you failed some contingency. That is, that your employer had some legitimate reason to pull the job because you failed some step in the process.

Why people are having their job offers rescinded? ›

Employers most often rescind jobs when they discover something negative about a candidate or when there's a change in their business. To protect yourself in the event your job offer is retracted, negotiate stipulations into your employment offer letter.

Why are job offers being rescinded? ›

Companies typically rescind offers when “a shock hits the system,” such as the 2000 dot-com implosion, the market jitters after 9/11 or the 2008 recession, he said. More recently, companies rescinded offers at the beginning of the pandemic when there was widespread uncertainty about the future.

How do you respond to a withdrawal letter? ›

Your response—while remaining altogether professional in tone—should express that you're sad to see the employee leave but that you respect and understand their decision. If appropriate, you could consider offering to provide a reference letter for the employee.

How do you respond when a candidate withdraws? ›

A great response will be professional, genuine, and honest, something like, “I appreciate you letting me know. We are all disappointed, and if there is anything we could have done to change your mind, please feel free to share that with me.

How likely is a job offer rescinded? ›

Rescinded job offers are not common, but there may be times when a company's needs change, and they withdraw a job offer—either shortly after making it or shortly before a new employee's start date.

Can an employer rescind a job offer after signing? ›

Yes, but there could be legal consequences, so an attorney's advice should always be sought before rescinding the offer. Even if an employer has stated on all offers that employment is at will and can be terminated at any time, there is the concept of the employer making a "promise" of a job.

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