How CarMax Made Shipping My New Ride From Another State a Breeze (2024)

How CarMax Made Shipping My New Ride From Another State a Breeze (2)

If you purchase a vehicle from a CarMax location in another state, you’ll need to go through their car transfer process to get the car shipped to your area. Having your new ride delivered adds convenience but how exactly does it work?

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the CarMax car shipping experience. We’ll look at how transfers work, associated costs, timelines, delivery process, tips and what previous buyers say about having a car sent from another CarMax store.

Whether you purchased near or far, read on to gain insight into the CarMax auto transport process.

How CarMax Made Shipping My New Ride From Another State a Breeze (3)

Overview of CarMax Vehicle Transfer Program

CarMax offers customers the ability to buy a car at any of their 200+ nationwide locations and have it sent to their home area. Key things to know:

  • Available for any vehicle purchased at a CarMax store
  • Transports cars between any CarMax locations
  • Door-to-door auto shipping to your address or local store
  • Fee for transport based on distance — starts around $200
  • Handles license, title, registration paperwork
  • No driving needed — car is picked up and delivered
  • Provides shipping status updates via email and text

The transfer program allows you buy from a broader inventory of thousands of cars. CarMax arranges professional auto transport, paperwork and delivery so you simply wait for your new vehicle’s arrival.

How Does the CarMax Car Transfer Process Work?

If you purchase a car that needs to be transferred from another location, here is how the process goes:

  • Finalize purchase decision on car not at your local store
  • Provide your contact info and delivery address
  • CarMax gives transport fee quote based on mileage
  • Pay transport fee along with any taxes and registration
  • CarMax transports vehicle to your address or nearest store
  • Receive email and text updates until delivery
  • Car is delivered detailed and ready to drive
  • Inspect car upon arrival and sign paperwork

CarMax handles all the logistics of vehicle pickup, shipping transportation, and final delivery to you. The buying process is the same as purchasing right from your local store.

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CarMax Vehicle Transfer Transport Methods

CarMax uses specialized auto transport carriers to shuttle vehicles between stores and final delivery addresses. The two main methods are:

Open Car Hauler

  • Vehicles loaded in rows on open flatbed trailers
  • Provides most cost-effective transport
  • Used for shorter distances up to ~500 miles
  • Slightly higher risk of damage

Enclosed Trailer

  • Vehicles shipped inside enclosed trailers
  • Extra protection from weather and road hazards
  • Used for longer distances or upon request
  • Higher transport cost over open trailer

Open haulers are generally used unless you specifically request or pay more for enclosed transport. Both methods are operated by professional haulers that specialize in auto shipping.

What Does CarMax Vehicle Transfer Cost?

The cost to have your newly purchased CarMax vehicle transported to your local store or address depends on distance:

Transport DistanceTypical Cost Range0–50 miles$150 — $20050–300 miles$200 — $400300–700 miles$400 — $700700+ miles$600 — $1000+

  • Costs increase with more mileage due to fuel, drivers and transit time
  • Enclosed trailers cost $100+ more than open shipping
  • Multi-car shipments on the same trailer save $25+ per car

Contact CarMax for an exact quote based on the locations involved. There may be additional title transfer fees as well.

How Long Does CarMax Vehicle Transfer Take?

The timeline for your car to arrive via CarMax’s auto transport program depends on distance shipped:

Transport DistanceEstimated Delivery Time0–300 miles3–6 days300–700 miles5–10 days700–1000+ miles7–14+ days

Cars are picked up from the selling location within 1–3 days once purchase is complete. Transport time takes the bulk of the delivery window. CarMax provides shipping status notifications so you can track progress.

Weekend deliveries as well as expedited shipping for an added fee may be available upon request depending on circ*mstances.

How CarMax Made Shipping My New Ride From Another State a Breeze (5)

What to Expect When CarMax Delivers Your Transferred Vehicle

The delivery experience when having your car transferred by CarMax typically goes like this:

  • Car transport carrier arrives on scheduled delivery day
  • Vehicle is transported off truck by driver
  • Inspect exterior for any new damage before signing
  • Check mileage versus paperwork
  • Receive keys, ownership docs and temp registration
  • Take car for test drive if desired
  • Provide driver with signed inspection report
  • CarMax follows up with permanent registration

It’s a good idea to thoroughly inspect the vehicle upon arrival and take it for a test spin before the driver leaves with paperwork. Make sure no new damage occurred during shipping.

Overall the process is simple and similar to if you picked the car up yourself from a local store. Now enjoy your new ride!

Tips for a Smooth CarMax Transfer Experience

To ensure the best experience having your car delivered from another location:

  • Specify enclosed trailer if concerned about damage risk in open shipping
  • Opt for multi-car transport with other purchases to get a cost discount
  • Select a business delivery address instead of home if available
  • Meet driver upon delivery to inspect car before they leave
  • Take a test drive and check all features are working
  • Note any damage you spot before signing off
  • Save boxes and original packaging to return items if needed
  • Set up insurance coverage a day or two early to have active on delivery day

While rare, it’s always smart to be proactive just in case any issues arise with transported vehicles. But most CarMax buyers report seamless experiences.

What Do CarMax Customers Say About the Transfer Process?

Here are some common sentiments from customers who went through the CarMax auto transport process:

  • “Super convenient not having to drive to go pick up the car ourselves”
  • “Delivery communication and updates were great. Arrived on schedule”
  • “Vehicle was detailed inside and out upon arrival — looked brand new”
  • “7 day shipping time across the country was faster than I expected”
  • “No damage from transport which was a concern. Car arrived in perfect shape.”
  • “Happy I did a thorough walkaround inspection before signing off on delivery.”
  • “So easy — felt just like picking the car up myself from a local store.”

Overall, most buyers are very satisfied with how simple and smooth CarMax makes the process of having your new car shipped from another location.


Is there a mileage limit to qualify for transfer?

No set mileage limit, but very high mileage vehicles may have added charges. Best to discuss with CarMax ahead of purchase.

Can I arrange my own shipping instead?

You must use CarMax’s contracted transport for the warranty and return policy to remain valid on out-of-area purchases.

Who handles the title transfer paperwork?

CarMax registers the vehicle in your state and handles all licensing and title transfer duties. You just wait for delivery.

When do I need to arrange insurance by?

Coordinate insurance a day or two before expected delivery date so coverage is active when car arrives.

What if there is damage during transport?

Note any exterior damage on the inspection form before the truck driver leaves. Contact CarMax immediately to file a claim if issues are found.

Can I transport multiple vehicles together?

Yes, CarMax can coordinate multi-car transfers at a discounted rate if you purchase more than one vehicle. #Wiack #Car #CarInsurance #CarRental #CarPrice #AutoLoans

How CarMax Made Shipping My New Ride From Another State a Breeze (2024)
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