Fun Phrases that Make Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Cards They’ll Love (2024)

Bridesmaid proposal cards are such an easy way to announce your big day and get your friends and family involved with your big day. There are so many different ways and ideas out there so today I’m sharing 50 different phrases to ask your friends and family to be a part of your special day.

So whether you’re looking for classic, funny, rhyming, flattery, or honest you’ll find them all below. Download all 50 in The Printables Club.

Bridesmaid Proposal Cards


First up is the classic category. Below you’ll find 11 phrases that work for anyone and most situations. They are some of my most popular designs.

1. All You Need is Love…

2. It’s My Turn to Pop the Question

3. Will You Plan With Me, Stand With Me, Cry With Me, Laugh With Me, Hold My Dress When I Pee?

4. They Say I’ll Need Someone to Hold My Dress When I Need to Pee

5. Bridesmaid Defined

6. I Can’t Tie the Knot Without You

7. Got the Guy, Need My Girls

8. It’s Hard to Believe That in Just a Little While, I’ll Be Walking Down that Aisle and Nothing Would Give Me More Joy and Pride to Have You at My Side

9. Keep Me Calm And…

10. Will You Be My bouquet-carrying, dress-bustling, champagne-drinking, dance-floor-dazzling, bachelorette-partying Bridesmaid?

11. I Found My Man But I Still Need My Girls


The next category is not for everyone but if you love sarcasm, cursing, and honesty, then this is for you. Keep it light and funny with these ideas.

12. Will You Be My Bitch

13. I Got My Man, but I Need My Bitches to Fix My Wedding Day Glitches

14. Ain’t No Party Like a Bridal Party

15. sh*t Just Got Real

Fun Phrases that Make Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Cards They’ll Love (2)

16. Please Help Me Keep My sh*t Together

17. I’m Getting Hitched and I Need a Bitch

18. I Know of a Great Party With an Open Bar…

Rhyming & Wordplay

I enjoy anything with great wordplay which is probably why this next category is the largest. Find 16 phrases that rhyme, use wordplay, or both. They are some of my absolute favorites.

19. Pop the Bubbly, I’m Getting Hubby

20. Time for Wine, His Last Name is Mine

21. I Got My Ring, Now Let’s Do This Thing

22. I Don’t Know When or Where, But I Know I Want You There!

23. I Found My Mister, But I Still Need My Sister

24. I Can’t Say I Do Without You

25. Take a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot

26. My “I Do” Would Not Be The Same Without You

27. As I Prepare for the Day That I Will Be a Bride, It Would Mean the World to Me to Have You By My Sid

28. I’m Tying the Knot, and I Need Someone Hot

29. You’ve Stood Beside Me Through Thick and Thin, Now I Need You There When I Marry Him

30. I’m Such a Lucky Bride, to Have You By My Side

31. Wine Not Be My…

32. I Donut Want to Get Married Without You (please pair this card with an actual donut!

Fun Phrases that Make Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Cards They’ll Love (3)

33. Pop, Clink, Dance, Twirl, I Got My Guy, Now I Need My Girl

34. I Got My Rock, Now I Need My Flock

35. I Can’t Marry My Mister, Without My Sister


Maybe you have a friend that loves flattery. To be honest, doesn’t everyone? These next few phrases are definitely designed to get into good graces with your family and friends. They will allow you to butter them up before asking for their help.

36. You’re Pretty

Fun Phrases that Make Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Cards They’ll Love (4)

37. The Best Day Ever Includes You

38. You Nailed it at Being My Friend, Now Will You Be My…

39. I Need Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and You


Last up is the honest category. This category may or may not be for everyone as well, but I find it too fun.

40. I Might Make You Hold My Dress as I Pee, Make You Go On Silly Errands, or Totally Annoy You

41. I’m Going to Need Someone to Make Sure I Don’t Ugly Cry

42. You Were There Through All the Frogs, Now I Need You For My Prince

43. Now Act Surprised, Like You Had No Idea This Was Coming

Fun Phrases that Make Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Cards They’ll Love (5)

44. He’s Marrying Me But He’s Stuck With Us

45. If I Promise… No Bows on the Butt, Ugly colors, or Puffy Sleeves

46. Soon, You’ll Be My Sister, But Until Then…

47. Obviously, You’re Going to Be My…

48. I Can’t Promise I Won’t Be a Bridezilla or Make You Wear Ruffles, but I Can Promise There Will Be Alcohol

49. Now You Can Stop Asking “When are you going to get married?”

50. Got New Excuses to Drink

Download the Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

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Fun Phrases that Make Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Cards They’ll Love (2024)
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