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Bridal showers are a fun and exciting event not only for the future bride, but for her bridesmaids and all her closest friends and family members as well. Before her wedding day, bridesmaids play a huge role in helping the bride have a successful bridal shower in addition to the bachelorette party. Between planning out party favors for guests, games, and bridal shower decor, the possibilities are endless as to how one can decorate the venue and have an enjoyable time.

Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

Bridal showers are long-held traditions to celebrate the bride-to-be before her upcoming marriage, and if you’re planning your own bridal shower or helping a bride-to-be plan hers, you’ll need plenty of great bridal shower decor to start. Also, while bridal shower gifts naturally focus on the bride and the registry will generally include home gifts for the bride, you may want to pick up a few bridal shower favors for the guests at your bridal party to show your appreciation. At Shutterfly, we’ll help you come up with personalized and stunning bridal shower decor ideas and bridal shower supplies that will have more meaning for you and your guests than typical items found in stores. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for bridal shower DIY decor.

Personalized Bridal Shower Decor

Once you’ve sent out all the invitations to your guests, you’ll need some bridal shower decor to show that they’ve made it to the right place. Start with a bridal shower sign you can place in your yard or at the event location to guide everyone in. We have beautiful floral signs and wood grain signs if you’re throwing a rustic theme bridal shower, and you can customize them with your event details. We also have plenty of bridal shower banners, whether you need a vinyl banner to announce the news to your neighbors or bridal bunting banners to hang outdoors or in a party room. Custom vinyl banners can be hung by the gold grommets, and our personalized bunting banners include a 12″ jute cord for easy hanging.

If you’re really looking to dazzle with your bridal shower decor, let us help you create a full bridal shower photo wall using our multi-piece wall art editing tools. You can design panoramic views of the location where your partner proposed, or you can tell a visual story of your relationship by displaying several photos of your relationship’s most important milestones. We have gallery wall arrangements for up to nine panels in portrait and landscape photo spreads. Select framed art prints, or turn your photos into museum-like pieces when you choose wrapped canvas printing. We even have wood and metal photo prints that make perfect rustic bridal shower decor.

Table Bridal Shower Decor

Of all the bridal shower supplies you’ll need, your table bridal shower decor may be the most important. Your bridal shower brunch decor can set the tone for the entire event, after all. We have beautiful foliage table runners that are perfect decorations for a bridal shower, and our custom wedding napkins can make ideal bridal shower napkins too. We have tons of designs featuring gold champagne scripts, confetti celebrations, diamond skies, and plenty more. Personalize them with your wedding date and a message for your guests, and remember to select your preferred design colors for these sets of 50. If you want to be more formal, we also have cloth napkins that match our table runners to seat your guests of honor.

It’s true that the bridal shower centerpiece is part of your table bridal shower decor, but it’s important enough to deserve its own section since this table is where you’ll be seating the guest of honor. We recommend a candle bridal shower centerpiece that you can design with our custom ceramic and glass candles. We have plenty of beautiful wedding photo candle designs featuring love color blocks, marble collages, greenery monograms, and more. Combine the light of these candles with a few of our gorgeous curved glass photo prints for a stunning centerpiece effect everyone will remember. We suggest our largest 10×12 size that can be personalized with up to nine photos.

Mix Bridal Shower Decor With Fun Party Favors

It’s tradition for the bride-to-be to receive lots of gifts after setting up her bridal shower decor. Whether it be a photo book to hold all her special memories, wood kitchen utensils to help her cook in the kitchen, or a beautiful photo frame, the bride will want to show her appreciation to everyone who bought her a gift. Purchasing a few unique bridal shower favors will make everything more fun for your bridal shower guests and give future wedding guests some things to talk about. Here are a few ideas for trendy wedding favors.

You’ll probably want a drink after finishing up with your bridal shower decor, and a bridal party is a great reason for everyone to raise a glass. Make it easy and fun with some custom barware favors, like our customized stemless wine glasses or wine totes. If you’re serving beer, pour it from some of our ceramic beer steins, personalized with your wedding date, and pick up some wedding sets of pint glasses. You can even use some of these glasses as part of your centerpiece bridal shower decor. Top it all off by sending each guest home with a custom stainless steel bottle opener, personalized with their name and a wedding date reminder.

If you’re planning a destination wedding and you’re holding a destination bridal shower too, then you can match your bridal shower decor with cool destination wedding luggage tags for your guests. Pick up one of our Mr. & Mrs. (can be customized for Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs., as well) luggage tags for yourself while you’re at it. We have fun adventure travel designs that you can customize with photos of your destination, or you can make everyone a personalized tag using one of their best photos. We have simple initial and monogram tags, too, if you prefer.

Deck Your Bride Squad Out With Team Bride Gifts

You’ve likely already assembled your bride squad, and they may have even helped you out with your bridal shower decor, so you know you have to get them some cool bridal shower favors. Make them some of our team bride cotton tote bags for picking up groceries and supplies, or get them funny bags that say they’re mostly for wine. We have some pink floral custom socks that make great gag gifts for your bride crew, and you can even make each member a custom hoodie with a celebratory group photo personalized with your wedding date and location. If you’re just doing small favors before the wedding, check out our pin buttons to honor your I Do Crew before the event.

Bridal Shower Decor Archives (2024)
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