Best Places To Take Your G Or G2 Road Test In Ontario - +1 News (2024)

Let me ask you something, Are you preparing to take that big step, and finally going to get your G2 or full G license in Ontario? Exciting, right? Or maybe it’s nerve-wracking? I bet you’re wondering where to take the test to increase your chances of success.


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Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our article here is your golden ticket to making an informed decision on the perfect location for your road test. And here’s the kicker, we’ve got up-to date numbers on the pass and fail rates for each location. You won’t find this detailed data just anywhere!

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Why Do Pass Rates Differ?

Pass rates at Ontario DriveTest centers can vary for several reasons:

1. Road Test Location Matter

Some testing centers are in busy urban areas, while others are in quieter rural places. This can affect the difficulty of the test because driving in heavy city traffic is often more challenging than driving in a calm countryside setting.

This guide is more than just a list of places – it’s your roadmap to making the best decision in your driving journey, and we’re going to make this process a whole lot easier for you.

So, buckle up, grab your note-taking gear, and get ready for an enlightening ride as we steer you through the best locations to take your G2 or G License road test in Ontario.

2. Reputation

Certain centers may have a reputation for being either easier or harder. As a result, more people may choose to take their tests at some centers, making them more crowded and possibly affecting the pass rates.

3. Quality of Instructors and Schools

The quality of driving instructors plays a big role in how well students do on their tests. Some instructors may not adequately prepare their students for the challenges of the test.

Factors That Affect Pass Or Fail Rates

Several factors can influence whether you pass or fail your driving test at a DriveTest center. These include:

  1. How well you can drive your car
  2. How ready you are for the test
  3. Your skill level
  4. Road conditions
  5. Traffic volume
  6. The difficulty of the test route
  7. How strict the examiner is
  8. The choice of location where you take the test

Best Drive Test Centers in Ontario for G2 and G License Road Test:

This table provides a clear overview of the number of tests conducted at various DriveTest centers and their respective pass rates.

DriveTest CenterNumber of TestsPass Rate (%)
Provincial Average1,274,27069.20
Bancroft DriveTest4,37288.13
Owen Sound DriveTest4,40688.06
Kapuskasing DriveTest82886.84
North Bay DriveTest4,82683.78
Espanola DriveTest3,04383.34
Walkerton DriveTest7,79682.81
Timmins DriveTest2,82982.64
Kenora DriveTest1,20181.68
Winchester DriveTest1,92681.05
Huntsville DriveTest4,40680.91
London DriveTest37,41579.03
Chatham DriveTest23,59678.89
Belleville DriveTest13,84778.89
Stratford DriveTest9,57478.25
Sarnia DriveTest7,34677.28
Ottawa Temporary Site12,19477.04
Orillia DriveTest12,18376.96
Brockville DriveTest3,62476.93
Cornwall DriveTest5,38576.88
Fort Frances DriveTest1,13876.54
Hawkesbury DriveTest5,42675.91
Niagara Region Temporary Site16,42975.87
Kingston DriveTest13,39375.71
Burlington Temporary Site13,28975.56
Ottawa Canotek DriveTest14,43675.21
Smiths Falls DriveTest12,42775.09
Renfrew DriveTest4,06774.94
Oakville DriveTest43,93174.63
Ottawa Walkley DriveTest37,58573.82
Lindsay DriveTest32,73173.81
Simcoe DriveTest12,90273.48
Kirkland Lake DriveTest49173.32
Peterborough DriveTest30,82073.31
Sudbury DriveTest8,99873.05
New Liskeard DriveTest1,07173.02
Sault Ste. Marie DriveTest4,99072.34
Oshawa Temporary Site14,98172.30
Windsor DriveTest23,15572.27
Dryden DriveTest1,32071.67
Burlington DriveTest31,01171.19
Clinton DriveTest12,40170.70
Barrie DriveTest32,93270.59
Sarnia Temporary Site2,23469.16
Mississauga Temporary Site35,40668.50
Oshawa DriveTest70,26568.34
Port Union DriveTest (Toronto)54,32968.21
Guelph Temporary Site20,14867.68
St. Catharines DriveTest28,71767.48
Hamilton DriveTest30,42567.41
Pembroke DriveTest3,89167.18
Mount Joy Temporary Site21,80066.97
Guelph DriveTest55,27466.95
Kitchener DriveTest47,52264.48
Etobico*ke DriveTest (Toronto)34,15064.28
Tillsonburg DriveTest10,44764.11
Mississauga DriveTest40,38163.93
Brantford DriveTest20,12063.90
Metro East DriveTest (Toronto)36,66963.81
East Gwillimbury Temporary Site14,83563.53
Downsview DriveTest (Toronto)53,25562.49
Newmarket DriveTest49,32762.14
Thunder Bay DriveTest9,48860.99
Orangeville DriveTest46,34660.90
Woodstock DriveTest10,36560.75
Brampton DriveTest48,15559.90

* The provincial average shows the average number of tests per site. This dataset also includes temporary centres used during the pandemic.

Now that you know some numbers make an informed decision on where you should take your G2 and G road test.

Concerns and Recommendations

  • Road Safety Groups: They believe the variability in pass rates challenges the “illusion of consistency” in testing and recommend changes.
  • Suggestions for Improvement: Experts propose using standardized vehicles with cameras and microphones for testing. This can add accountability and prevent instructors from exploiting students.
  • Test Route Review: Some suggest a thorough review of test routes to ensure fairness.
  • Tracking Data: Tracking more data on new drivers’ post-test experiences could provide insights.
  • Instructor Qualifications: Checking the qualifications of instructors and schools is crucial to maintain fairness.

Response from Authorities

  • MTO’s Stance: The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) emphasizes that all tests and examiners adhere to strict standards and rules.
  • Performance Assessments: MTO conducts performance assessments and audits at DriveTest sites to maintain quality.
  • No Examiner Discretion: Examiners cannot evaluate outside of the set road test standards. Any attempt to bribe an examiner results in termination.

Tips for Success

  • Choose the Right Instructor: Select a reputable instructor or school. Don’t base your choice solely on cost or advertising.
  • Focus on Safe Driving: Instead of just passing the test, prioritize safe and defensive driving to avoid accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]:

Following are some of the frequently asked questions when new drivers are trying to find the best Places to Take your G2 or G Road Test in Ontario:

Q1. Where is the easiest road test in Ontario?

Based on the G2 and G road test pass rates data, Bancroft has the highest pass rate of 88% for G2 and G Road tests. So, it could be considered one of the “easiest” places to take a road test in Ontario, although the experience can vary greatly depending on many factors, including individual skills, understanding of the rules, and road conditions on the day of the test.

Q2. Which driving test Centre has the highest pass rate in Ontario?

The site with the highest pass rate is in Bancroft, where 88% of drivers succeed intheir tests.

Q3. Where is the best place to take the G test in Ontario?

“Best” can be subjective, but if we are considering pass rates, then Bancroft has the highest pass rate (88%).

Q4. What time is best for a road test Ontario?

There’s no universally “best” time for road tests. However, a mid-morning to early afternoon test can avoid the rush hour, giving a smoother driving experience. Weather conditions can also play a significant role.

Q5. What is the hardest road test in Canada?

This information is not provided in the given data. Difficulty can depend on various factors including the specific test centre, local traffic conditions, and individual driving skills.

Q6. How many mistakes are allowed in G2 test Ontario?

The G2 road test is strict, and accumulating too many minor mistakes can lead to failure. However, the exact number of allowed mistakes is not set in stone as it depends on the severity and type of mistakes made.

Q7. What mistakes are allowed on G2?

Small driving errors are typically allowed, but any dangerous actions, failure to follow instructions or violation of traffic laws will result in immediate failure. The total number of minor mistakes must also stay within acceptable limits, which can vary based on the evaluator’s judgment.

Best Places To Take Your G Or G2 Road Test In Ontario - +1 News (2024)
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