Bachelorette Party Themes for Your 2023 Wedding (14 Best Picks) (2024)

Your wedding is a big deal, so it’s no surprise that your bachelorette party should be equally epic.

When it comes to bachelorette party themes, the options are endless and can be tailored to suit your personal style and preferences. From glamorous and sophisticated soirées to adventurous and unconventional celebrations, there’s a theme out there for every bride-to-be.

Whether you’re looking for a fancy destination weekend or want to have some fun with your closest friends, there are plenty of ways to celebrate a night before the big day. So let’s get started with the fun and trending bachelorette party themes.

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1. Take a Road Trip

If you’re going on a road trip, here’s what to bring:

  • Music. Make sure you have some good road trip songs on your playlist. Everyone loves singing along to their favorite music and it’s a great way to pass the time.
  • Snacks. Remember the snacks! You can never go wrong with chips, candy bars and other junk food items on your trip — they’ll keep everyone happy while they drive along at high speeds in their cars (or whatever vehicles they’re traveling in).
  • Games/activities. It’s also helpful to plan out some fun games or activities that can be done while driving down the highway. This will give people something else to do besides just chatting or keeping to themselves.

2. Hit the Beach

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Beach parties are a great way to relax and escape the city life’s hustle and bustle. There’s nothing like being in the sun, enjoying life with your friends and family by the ocean!

Beach parties are also an excellent place for everyone to work on their summer glow before you head into the winter months, so don’t hesitate—invite everyone over now!

3. Spend a Weekend at a Destination Vineyard

Destination vineyards are a great way to spend the weekend, especially if you plan on having an all-inclusive bachelorette party. You’ll be able to spend time together and relax with organized activities planned for each day. When choosing a vineyard, look for one nearby so that traveling isn’t too much hassle. Make sure it has good reviews from previous customers and is open to groups. You can also find food and other amenities packages at specific locations.

Once you’ve chosen where you want to go, ensure everyone knows how they’re getting there and how much they need to bring (if anything). If your group doesn’t enjoy wine or beer, consider going somewhere else, like a spa resort or yoga retreat!

Some people might want some alone time, while others will want more socializing time; whatever works best for everyone in attendance should be considered when planning activities during this trip so everyone feels included!

4. Go Camping

Camping is a great way to bond with your friends. Go camping with your bachelorette group and enjoy the outdoors together. It can be a fun, inexpensive way to get away from it all in the summer or winter if you’re extra adventurous. You can go camping in your backyard or at a campground or rent an RV and take it out of town for a day or two!

5. Go Glamping – A Fancy Camping Alternative

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Glamping is the perfect way to get your bachelorette party started. It’s a fun, outdoorsy activity that combines camping and glamor to enjoy quality bonding time with your soon-to-be bridesmaids.

Glamping is fantastic for all kinds of reasons:

  • It’s an exciting new experience.
  • It’s an excellent way to bond with friends.
  • It can lead to plenty of great memories.

Not only will you have a blast at glamping, but you’ll also be able to share those memories with your future husband for years to come!

You can go glamping in many places, including tropical islands or mountain lakes — anywhere you might go camping, but make it fancy!

6. Rent an Airbnb in the Country

Renting an Airbnb can be a cheap and exciting way to spend your bachelorette party with those closest to you. Check out the helpful tips below for a perfect Airbnb bachelorette party.

  • Get a group of 4-8 women and rent an Airbnb in the country.
  • Have all the food delivered to you so you can spend more time having fun with friends.
  • Do something fun and creative together: paint pottery, take photographs with props from around the world (perfect if one of your friends is getting married abroad) and sew aprons for each other that say “Ready to RING in Married Life” or “in charge here!”
  • Do fun spa activities
  • Go for a hike

7. Casino Night – All the Right Kind of Thrills Without the Vegas Cost

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Set up a casino in your house, apartment or backyard. It can be as simple as throwing up balloons and hanging casino-themed decorations. But if you want to go all out, buy a few tables from Amazon and decorate them with tablecloths, tableware and plastic cards scattered across them.

If you have enough space outside your home, set up the tables so guests can enjoy dinner under the stars!

Have your friends come dressed in their best Vegas outfits — think feather boas, sequins and tight dresses or suits. And don’t forget about yourself — the bride must look stunning too!

Play blackjack, poker or roulette games throughout the night at each table since these are some of the most popular casino games!

8. Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties are a great way to celebrate your bachelorette party. They can be held at home or a venue. Some examples of masquerade party themes include:

  • Masquerade Ball – This theme is perfect for couples who want to have fun dressing up as royalty or famous historical figures! Make sure you stick with black and white for your color scheme because this is the traditional way for people attending masked balls to dress up. Remember masks, too! You’ll need something that covers everything from your face to your shoulders.
  • Mardi Gras – This theme is perfect for couples who want an excuse for their guests’ outfits not being quite as classy as what’s expected at other formal events — that means no fancy dresses or suits allowed! Guests should wear flirty outfits instead; think bohemian tops paired with flowing skirts or pantsuits covered in sequins instead of pantsuits covered by jackets.

9. Find a Luxury Hotel in Your Hometown and Book it Out for the Night

This option will allow everyone to relax and enjoy themselves but also keep costs down if you want to spend less on this part of your vacation (which may be more important than others).

Look for a hotel near where you’re having the wedding if you’re having both events in the same week. That way, people can easily get there after they’ve had some fun at the bachelorette party and need somewhere safe to sleep off any effects from drinking too much alcohol!

10. A Cozy Spa Day Bachelorette Party

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Who doesn’t love an at-home spa day? Spa day activities include manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and more. If you’re looking to get fancy with your bachelorette party outfit or theme, go for it! You can also host this event at home or the beach if you want something more low-key.

11. Pajama Party – Simple, Yet Fun

A pajama party is a great way to combine all the fun and comfort of a slumber party with the excitement of celebrating your wedding. Whether you want to go all out on decorations and games or keep it simple, here are some ideas for having a successful pajama party as part of your bachelorette festivities:

  • Pajamas! You don’t have to be dressed up in nightgowns if you don’t want to (although if anyone wants to do this, that’s fine too). Just make sure everyone has comfortable clothes they can move around in.
  • Decorations! A few balloons and streamers will be enough if you’re going for a casual vibe; otherwise, go big with paper flowers or even helium balloons tied up on the ceiling for an added touch of color.
  • Games! There are so many kinds of games that can work well at a pajama party. You could play charades while wearing masks made from bedsheets or play Truth or Dare with some added spice.

12. Visit a National Park

The National Park Service offers thousands of opportunities for fun — from hiking through ancient forests and driving along scenic byways to picnicking with friends at lakes or beaches. You can go stargazing above mountain peaks or historic battlefields or visit haunted places where legends like Bigfoot might still wander. With so many choices, you can almost always find a perfect park for your bachelorette party.

13. Organize a Fancy Murder Mystery Dinner Party

You and your friends will have a blast putting on a fun murder mystery dinner party. Here’s how:

  • Choose the theme of your Murder Mystery Party. You can go with a traditional murder mystery, as in Agatha Christie’s famous novels, or you can make it more modern and choose something that ties in with your wedding colors or theme or something you love. For example, if you love dogs, you could be all about dog shows! And if that seems too corny for words, who cares?! It’ll be hilarious, regardless!
  • Create an invitation to send out to friends attending the party (even better—ask them to dress up for it). The invite should include details about where, when and what time everyone needs to arrive so there won’t be any confusion.

14. Have Fun and Stay Safe

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Now that you’re in a place where people are excited about your upcoming wedding, it’s time to have some fun. But before you start planning, remember that certain safety precautions that need to be considered when throwing a bachelorette party.

Be responsible. You want to be sure that everyone is having a good time at the party, so make sure you include activities and games that are appropriate for the age range of attendees. If there’s going to be drinking involved (which is most likely), make sure there is plenty of food available and drinks with lower alcohol content if possible. Also be sure you have plenty of water — keeping hydrated will help prevent dehydration.

Here’s to your upcoming bachelorette party and all the fun you’ll have!

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Bachelorette Party Themes for Your 2023 Wedding (14 Best Picks) (2024)
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