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During the wedding planning process, the bachelorette party becomes one of the most anticipated events for female guests. If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you may want to consider bachelorette themes to guide your choices for decor, activities, and more.

This social gathering, whether as a one-day occasion or an entire bachelorette weekend, allows all of the friends of the bride to commemorate the single life and socialize with each other before her wedding day. These bonding moments ensure that there isn’t any potential awkwardness during her ceremony and reception.

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If you’ve been assigned to plan her fun bachelorette party, either as the maid of honor or another important person on her guest list, the first step is figuring out fun party themes that’ll work for her celebration.

When thinking about bachelorette party themes, you can choose one that aligns with the style of her upcoming ceremony or organize something completely different altogether.

Take a look at our recommendations for fun bachelorette themes here at YeahWeddings!

Mexican Fiesta

If the bride is organizing a ceremony and reception out in the desert, a Mexican fiesta won’t feel out of place. Don’t think twice about incorporating delicious food like nachos, burritos, enchiladas, and more into this destination bachelorette party.

Alice in Wonderland

When it comes to bachelorette themes, there aren’t too many brides who would want to skip out on a hen night that takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. Encourage her friends to wear zany outfits and enjoy snacks from the tea party.


Nothing feels more fitting for a destination wedding than a gathering that play into the aesthetics of traveling. Be sure to use maps, globes, plane tickets, suitcases, and other trinkets as bachelorette party decorations.


Sports celebrations aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon as fun bachelorette themes. The bridal party can use this occasion to show off their favorite jerseys and embrace their game faces. Decorate the bachelorette party with your favorite teams merch!


Step back in time with your fun party themes by organizing a bachelorette gathering that embraces disco music. The crew will definitely enjoy the opportunity to dance and distract themselves from the stressful moments of the wedding planning process.

Roaring Twenties

If the bride is planning on having a New Years Eve wedding, feel free to host a bachelorette weekend getaway that echoes the soaring spirits of the roaring twenties. Don’t shy away from inviting her friends to dress like flappers.


When thinking of bachelorette party ideas, most people wouldn’t think of peaco*cks as first choice for inspiration but you shouldn’t be quick to write off this possibility. The lavish colors of these exotic animals proves to be the perfect choice for a bride who wants a luxurious experience with her friends.


Masquerade bachelorette party themes are a timeless choice for these special occasions. This festivity will certainly create plenty of unique photo opportunities.

Tropical Jungle

Commemorate her last walk on the wild side with fun bachelorette themes that mimic a jungle setting. Pull the whole look together by including stuffed animals of lions, tigers, giraffes, and monkeys as tropical party decorations.

Fourth of July

Nothing says fun party themes quite like a bachelorette gathering modeled after the Fourth of July. Don’t hesitate to adorn your event space with American flags and pinwheels.


Bring her country wedding dreams to life with a rustic bachelorette weekend. Tell the rest of the guests to wear their favorite bandanas and cowboy hats to complete the western theme.


Set the extravagant tone of the bride’s special day by organizing a classy bachelorette party. Incorporate the aesthetics of a casino into her hen night and she’ll thank you for creating the perfect vibe.


You can never go wrong with bachelorette themes that take their inspiration from the world’s most famous fashion doll. Don’t be afraid to embrace the pink glitz and glamour with your decorations.

Pop Art

Who wouldn’t love to attend a vibrant festivity with pop art? The bright colors of these fun bachelorette themes will definitely leave a lasting impression among the party attendees.


Fun party themes that play into the carefree atmosphere of a Candyland are always the right choice for a hen night. This event proves to be even more exciting if you provide some risqué goodies as a fun twist.


Make the most of the bride’s bohemian ceremony and reception by organizing a woodland-themed weekend getaway. Tell her bridal party to wear their favorite crowns or use this gathering as a time to build their own as a fun activity.


If the bride reads comics and watches movies about superheroes in her free time, chances are that she’ll enjoy an occasion that involves these larger-than-life characters. Even if her bridal party isn’t super knowledgeable about Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, they’ll appreciate the light-hearted vibe of this festivity.


If the bride has a love for fantasy and folklore, an astrology-themed bachelorette party will make her heart soar. Don’t hold back by adorning her hen night with moon-shaped balloons and other celestial decorations.

Swinging Sixties

Who could say no to attending a swinging sixties celebration? These fun bachelorette themes have remained popular throughout the years due to its classic fashion and timeless tunes.


Fun themes can be environmentally friendly without compromising any of the enjoyment experienced by the bride and her friends. While going minimalist on the bachelorette party decorations, think about ditching the plastic solo cups and choosing party favors that can be reused by the crew.

Apres Ski

Take advantage of the bride’s winter weddingby planning an apres ski gathering for her bachelorette weekend. Include a photo booth full of equipment as props along with delicious food like smores and chocolate fondue.

Zombie Horror

If the bride is exchanging her vows during autumn, get into the Halloween spirit with your bachelorette party themes by encouraging the guests to arrive as zombies. This idea will especially be fun for her friends who like to play with dramatic makeup.

Arabian Nights

Even if she is tying the knot at a local venue, you can still incorporate bachelorette themes for her celebration that would sweep everybody away to a foreign land. This style works especially for brides who aren’t super involved in the party scene and would rather partake in low-key activities with her gals.


Match the soft colors of the bride’s spring wedding by having a flamingo party as her festivity. This perfect theme work just as well for ceremonies that are being held on the beach or any other kind of waterfront.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark aesthetics are no strangers to hen nights as fun party themes. Take the occasion to the next level by including an EDM playlist that mimics a festival or rave.


Host the purrfect bachelorette weekend by modeling the celebration around these beloved pets. Consider booking some time at a cat cafe so the bride and her friends can enjoy a fun activity within this theme.

Something Blue

If you’re aiming for a unique spin on “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” an event style based on these color hues is your way to go. Flex your creativity by preparing blue lemonade, cupcakes, and other tasty snacks for this blue theme.


Whether you’ve decided to rent a yacht or not for this commemoration, a nautical theme prove to be entertaining for all kinds of party guests. Go with the classic navy-and-white flair or feel free to switch it up with another color scheme.

Eighties Retro

A list of fun bachelorette themes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a celebration that emulates eighties pop culture. Buy a karaoke machine so all of the bridal party can sing their favorite tunes.

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29 Bachelorette Themes For Any Type of Celebration - Yeah Weddings (2024)
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