16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (2024)

Spring is a season of starting over. The colors associated with spring are vibrant and fresh and can be found in nature. This makes spring weddings all the more meaningful and symbolic for couples looking to start a new life.

Colors commonly attributed to springtime include green, pink, yellow, white, and purple. Thus, you can create the perfect color scheme for a spring wedding by combining any of these five colors.

You can also get more color palettes by changing the elements of those five colors, such as their saturation and value. Moreover, neutral colors, earth tones, and pastels are also popular and excellent for planning the ultimate spring wedding.

Spring wedding colors by themselves are a sight to behold. However, knowing the concepts within color theory, such as color combinations, can help couples decide which color scheme would best fit their spring wedding.

Wedding Colors of Spring

16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (1)

The arrival of spring marks the awakening of nature. The landscape is filled with lush grass and newly bloomed flowers. Thus, spring is often associated with earthly and floral colors, such as green, pink, yellow, white, and purple.


Green tones become very abundant during spring: sprawling fields of grass and towering trees with green leaves. This has made it the very symbol of nature. Moreover, it is the color of hope, liveliness, and fertility.


Plenty of flowers that bloom in the springtime have pink petals such as peonies and camellia. The color pink is seen as a symbol of love, not only between couples but also with one’s family and friends. The popular cherry blossom tree epitomizes the romantic ambiance associated with the arrival of spring.


After a cold and gloomy winter, the comforting warmth of sunlight makes spring all the more anticipated. Flower beds of buttercups, daffodils, and freesias are also popular around this time. Yellow is a symbol of optimism, happiness, high energy, and enthusiasm.


Some of the first flowers to bloom during springtime are white, such as snowdrops and lilies of the valley, as well as various fruit trees. As a color, white represents purity and integrity and is a symbol of new beginnings.


Lilacs, crocuses, and irises are purple flowers that emerge during springtime. The color purple is a symbol of luxury, wisdom, dignity, and abundance.

Creating Spring Wedding Color Schemes

Choosing which individual colors to use in creating color schemes requires a basic knowledge of color theory. Essentially, combining one color with another can enhance both colors, emphasize the other, blend together, or completely clash. Fortunately, color theorists have come up with different ways to make constructing color schemes easier.

Color SchemeIllustrationDescription
Monochromatic16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (2)To create a monochromatic color scheme, one color is chosen to be the main theme. From there, tints, tones, and shades are added to the color to produce multiple variations. This allows you to incorporate highlights, shadows, and emphasis into the overall theme.

Monochromatic color schemes are gaining more traction with the rise of minimalism because of their simplicity and pleasantness. This is also perfect for planning events such as weddings because of its versatility.

Complementary16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (3)Referring to a color wheel, complementary colors can be found on opposite sides, thus simulating high contrast. Often, one color is primary, and the other is secondary, such as red and green, orange and blue, and purple and yellow. Similar to monochromatic color schemes, tints and tones are usually added to minimize the intensity.
Analogous16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (4)Analogous color schemes are composed of colors placed next to each other on the color wheel, usually in groups of three. Sceneries in nature are often found with analogous color schemes, giving it a serene mood.

Opposite to complementary, analogous color schemes lack contrast, which can be resolved by adding value or saturation. Additionally, one color usually dominates the entire scheme, another supports the former, while the third color is used as an accent.

Triadic16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (5)Triadic color schemes consist of three colors with equal distances in the color wheel. Even if the saturation and tint of the colors are altered, triadic color schemes are often very vibrant. One way to work around this is to make one color dominant and the remaining two are used as accents.


16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (6)To create a split-complementary color scheme, choose a color and find its complement, then take the colors adjacent to it. This color scheme also has high contrast but considerably less tension between the colors. This is a good choice for planners as it is forgiving and difficult to mess up.
Tetradic / Rectangle16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (7)Also known as the rectangle, a tetradic color scheme consists of two complementary pairs.This color scheme is very versatile as it offers a lot of opportunities for variations. To achieve optimal results, one color must stand out among the rest.
Square16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (8)Like the rectangle, the square color scheme consists of four colors. This time, these colors are chosen so they are equidistant on the color wheel. Again, the square color scheme also works best when one color is dominant while the rest support it.

Perfect Wedding Color Schemes

Colors are an important aspect of design. In a major life event such as a wedding, it is important that the colors are chosen with utmost care. With spring wedding colors and color theory in mind, here are some minimalist and elegant color schemes perfect for a spring wedding.

Neutral Wedding Color Schemes

A neutral color scheme consists of achromatic hues such as black, gray, and white, and earth tones such as brown, tan, cream, and beige. This combination is very minimalist, and thus very versatile, and exudes a serene and calm mood.

Monochrome Green Wedding Color Schemes

A monochrome green color palette can be achieved by taking the base color, which in this case is green, and adding shades, tones, and tints. The result is a variety of greens, varying in lightness, vibrance, and saturation.

Green and Yellow Wedding Color Schemes

Green and yellow together in a spring wedding color palette work very well because they form an analogous color scheme. As mentioned above, an analogous color scheme like green and yellow will evoke a serene and relaxing mood.

Green and Light Blue Wedding Color Schemes

Green and light blue also form an analogous color scheme. It is especially perfect for a spring wedding, as green and light blue together depict the perfect spring day: lush fields of green grass and a sunny, clear blue sky.

Green and Mauve Wedding Color Schemes

Green and mauve are a perfect combination for a color scheme because it is highly forgiving and flexible, in that you are free to experiment by adding either a neutral color or another shade of green.

Sage Green and Lavender Wedding Colors

Like green and mauve, sage green and lavender can create a flexible color scheme. Not only that, but green and lavender used together are a perfect depiction of spring: the colors of nature and flowers.

Mint and Peach Wedding Color Schemes

Mint and peach are complementary colors. They are shades of red-orange and blue-green respectively, and tint is added to both colors to reduce the contrast.

Pastel Wedding Color Schemes

Pastel spring wedding color palettes are made by adding white to any color, resulting in a soft and pale effect but retaining its color profile. Pastel colors work best with other pastels, as well as plants with gray or silver-tinted greenery.

Yellow and Dusty Blue Wedding Color Schemes

The combination of blue and yellow depicts a bright spring sky, making it perfect for a spring wedding color scheme. However, to lessen the contrast between the colors, you can use shades and tints, such as dusty blue

Sky Blue and Blush Pink Wedding Color Schemes

Traditionally, the colors blue and pink have represented masculinity and femininity, respectively. A sky blue and blush pink color scheme is then symbolic of the union of a man and a woman, which is perfect for a wedding. Adding tints to the otherwise vibrant blue and pink softens the contrast between the two colors.

Final Thoughts

Springtime is associated with the colors green, pink, yellow, white, and purple as these are the colors commonly seen in nature once the season arrives. With the help of color theory, color schemes for the perfect spring wedding will be easy to make.

16 Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Elegant Color Schemes (2024)
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