14 Unique and Trendy Bridal Shower Favors to Celebrate Love (2024)

14 Unique and Trendy Bridal Shower Favors to Celebrate Love (1)

If you're the bride or part of the Team Bride crew throwing the bash, ideas for bridal shower favors might not come easy. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Shower the bride-to-be with love and well-wishes with these 14 charming bridal shower favors. 

Delight Your Guests with These 14 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

The bride team deserves more than run-of-the-mill trinkets. Let’s have them thrilled and talking long after the party’s over with these 14 unique bridal shower favors.

  1. Leather luggage tags. These travel-buddy shower gifts are durable, classy, and customizable. They’re particularly ideal if you’re jetting off for a destination wedding.
  2. Artisanal honey jars. Make the bridal shower extra special with gourmet treats sourced from local beekeepers. Don’t forget to add the couple’s names or their custom monograms when you print the bottle labels.
  3. Handcrafted ceramic coasters. Bridal shower guests who appreciate fine, handcrafted items will love these favors. We highly recommend them if you’re hosting home-themed wedding showers.
  4. Vinyl record coasters. For music lovers, opt for coasters crafted from vintage records. You can feature the couple’s favorite songs or print album covers that hold special meaning to their love story. 
  5. Embroidered handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs are already classy, but embroidery makes them more elegant and meaningful. Customize each by embroidering the guests’ initials (or the couple’s initials if you have a long guest list).
  6. DIY terrarium kits. Let guests create their miniature gardens and tranquil oases with kits that include succulents, pebbles, and figurines. These favors are best for nature-loving couples and outdoor garden bridal showers.
  7. Hand-painted glass ornaments. Hand-painted glass ornaments offer a personalized touch their mass-produced counterparts lack. Consider incorporating them as a fun bridal shower game where guests can paint their ornaments right at the venue.
  8. DIY candle-making kits. With these kits, the bride team can craft their scented candles from scratch. Customize the kits by adding themed labels or choosing scents that reflect the bride’s preferences.
  9. Bamboo utensil sets. If you’re hosting outdoor or picnic-themed celebrations, these gift sets are practical options. Find suppliers on Etsy or local shops in your area that offer engraving services for their bamboo utensils. 
  10. Custom tea infusers. Gift guests a stylish, functional infuser to brew their favorite loose-leaf teas at home. Whether set on tables or tucked into gift bags, these tea infusers can add elegance to your gathering.
  11. Organic lip balms. These are quick gift ideas, especially if you're short on time. Simply source your balms, print labels on waterproof stickers, and place them in cute pre-made gift bags.
  12. Wedding-themed hair ties. Hair ties as favors aren’t new, but to switch things up, opt for colors that match the wedding theme. Everyone can then wear them on the wedding day, creating a cohesive, eye-catching accessory for the celebration.
  13. Build-your-own-bouquet bundles. Unique and interactive, this hands-on activity allows guests to personalize their bouquet favors. You can include either fresh or dried flowers to suit everyone’s preferences.
  14. Customized wedding koozies. These high-quality can coolers can keep beverages cold and hands dry throughout the party. They boast endless customization options, perfect for adding the couple’s names, wedding hashtags, or playful slogans. 

14 Unique and Trendy Bridal Shower Favors to Celebrate Love (2)

FAQs on Bridal Shower Party Favors

Let’s address some common questions that pop up when picking favors for a bridal shower:

Are pre-wedding shower party favors still a thing?

Yes, bridal shower favors remain en vogue to this day. They’re sweet reminders of a joyous occasion, perfect for thanking the guests who’ve come to celebrate the bride-to-be. But forget those old-school trinkets! Nowadays, they come in different trendy items that match the personalities and aesthetics of modern brides.

How much should I spend on bridal shower favors?

The amount you should budget for favors depends on your guest count and how fancy you want to get. Do guests each get one favor or a bunch? If you’ve set a total budget for the bridal shower, how much of it are you willing to spend on favors?

Expect to spend around $3 to $5 per favor. But with proper planning, you can still find bridal shower favors ideas that fit within a lower budget.

What date should I put on bridal shower favors?

Hosts often put the bridal shower date on the favors as a keepsake. However, some may prefer to include the wedding date instead, especially if it’s closer to the big day.

Custom Bridal Shower Favor by Coldie Holdie

Elevate your bridal shower with our can and bottle coolers’ superior insulation. Choose from our pre-made templates to match your theme or customize it from scratch. Coldie Holdie’s built-in customization tool ensures your favors are specially tailored for the soon-to-be-weds. 

Celebrate the love with us. Start customizing here.


April 08, 2024 — josh mcintosh

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14 Unique and Trendy Bridal Shower Favors to Celebrate Love (2024)
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